How do I share a moment

PetBacker Moments is our social networking feature that lets you share your pet's funny moments on PetBacker with the community as well as like and comment on those posted by other users. Its a great way to interact with other pet lovers about your pets and theirs. Posting a moment is fun and easy, simply follow the following steps to post your first moment.

1) Download the app if you do not have it yet. You can download it here.

2) Sign in and go to the moments tab. You will find it in the middle of the bottom navigation bar.

3) Tap on the "Share Your Thoughts Or Pets"

4) Tap on the "New Moment or New Story"


share moment 1


5) Add one or more images or video of your pet and a description of what you are posting and select your audience. Learn more about the audience you may choose on PetBacker here.


share moment 2


6) Then tap on "Post Moment" below.

7) That's it. You have posted your first moment. You can proceed to post more photos or browse moments by other pet lovers.


share moment 4

8) You are encourage to share your moment to your social media such as Facebook. Set your post as Public to let more people to view your cute pets!


share moment 5