I am not receiving push notifications for new messages (Vivo)

It could be because of the settings that are done on your device. You can change the below settings of your device in order to receive notifications.

Method 1

Please go the phone's settings, look for 'Battery', click on 'High Background Power Consumption' and then enable 'PetBacker' app to receive the notifications.


Method 2

Step 1:

Enable "Auto-Start" for PetBacker

Step 2:

Go to i manager --> App Manager --> Autostart Manager --> Enable PetBacker App


Settings --> More Settings --> Applications --> Autostart --> Enable for "PetBacker"

Step 3:

Click on App Manager

Step 4:

Click on Auto Start Manager

Step 5:

Enable PetBacker

Step 6:

After following the above steps come back to :-

App Manager --> Tap on Uninstallation / Installed App --> PetBacker --> Enable Show Notification


Settings --> More Settings --> Application --> PetBacker --> Enable Notification